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The target clients for Poss Industry includes exports-being the primary target market, bulk buying customers, low scale trader's, public and private businesses through direct orders. Poss Company executes its service through assertive production to meet the demand of its customers. The company uses the internet as one of its marketing channels as it will undertake its operation in the modern generation.

2.Market Share & Trends

There are many paint production industries nowadays that have built strong customer relation, and thus, penerating the market is an uphill struggle. Bearing in mind , Poss Industry Concentrates on:

  1. Export Ready Market
  2. wholesaling to both bulk and low scale traders at fair price
  3. Institutions.

3. Competition

Direct competition in the individual buyer's market segment. With this in mind, Poss Company comes with the contingency plan to deal with any unforeseeable threats concerning the same.

4.Pricing Strategy

Poss Industry shall set prices based on the average market rate. Predominantly, the price shall be determined by the cost of production although market forces are also expected to affect the pricing strategy.


Poss Industry uses personal selling, making unsought calls to potential customer, engaging in training of staff on methods of production and selective staffing to realize full sales.
The Industry also engages in societal marketing whereby it makes products that deliver values in a sustainable way to both consumers, and society- it calls for sustainable marketing, socially and environmentally responsible marketing that meets consumers and businesses' present needs while also enhancing future generations' ability to meet their needs.
Sales and personal delivery of the products through orders will be done free as this strategy will attract new clients. Company to company visits shall also be used. The management team will be going to every institution and present their offer of products.

6. Distribution Strategy

At Poss Industry, distribution of the produce will be done in an effective manner as they will use trucks and other means of transport where necessary to ferry their produce. Since paints are durable, using trucks and other vehicles like pick-ups, will be a cheap and efficient means of transport.